Women Artists


Women Artists


The items included in this collection are works from prominent woman artists working or exhibiting in the Northern Lights Library Network's regions of north-central, north-west, and west-central Minnesota.

Collection Items

Crosswater, 47 28' 46"
Intended as a gathering space for students, this work reflects the iconography and history of the northern Minnesota landscape. The sculptural elements suggest water (boat benches), sky (dome/mound with star drawings), and the landscape (cast bronze…

George B. Wright
Standing portrait of George Burdick Wright, depicted wearing pioneer garb. He has a beard and wears a cap with fringed leather jacket, and a pouch strapped across his chest on his proper left breast. His proper right hand is on his hip. The sculpture…

Dragonfly Hairclip
Hairclips in dragonfly design.

Black Vest
Black vest with three multi-colored dragonflies.

Blue Belt
Blue belt with red flowers and greenery.

Blue Shin
Blue backgrounds, red flowers, and green embellishment.

Red Vest
Red vest with yellow trim and yellow flower.

Flower Vest
Red vest with yellow trim, flowers, and organic detail.

Black Purse
Black purse with red trim and multi-colored geometric design.

Butterfly Vest
Turquoise vest with yellow and red trim and butterflies.
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