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Mounted birch bark biting. Geometric and organic design.

Mounted birch bark biting. Geometric and organic design.

Mounted birch bark biting. Geometric and organic design.
My work as an artist is largely informed and influenced by the examination of a primary tool I use as a graphic designer: typography. The visual phenomenon of text and a strong love/hate relationship with language is what propels my urge to create.…*421/1bigfish0508.jpg
A building in the form of a fish, formerly used as a drive-in and hamburger stand. The structure is wooden (ash), covered with painted tarpaper. The fish's mouth is open wide, lined with wooden teeth, with the entrance door within the mouth. The…
A large turkey stands with its wings by its side and its tail feathers raised and fanned. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A black duck appears to be coming in for a landing with its wings spread out, its legs forward, and its tail turned in. The painted sculpture is mounted on a rectangular concrete base with stone facing. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
The artist's work plays on social and political issues with pop culture images and motifs in bright and pure colors.
Ellen Jean Diederich painted this pastoral scene of brown and black cows strolling through a field of golden wheat on a cloudy day. Its title, Black Gold, references the rich farming history of the state of North Dakota. -- Plains Art Museum
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