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This work is comprised of several pop cultural, political, artistic, and social characters and motifs in bright colors that sublimate their role and acceptance.
A birch bark turtle's shell is ornamented with flowers and surrounded by geometrical floral background and trim.
A carved story pole depicting images of local animals in seven low reliefs from top to bottom, topped with a painted eagle. Images include those of a fish, animal head (perhaps deer), and birds, including a duck. The pole is surrounded by a short…
A black duck appears to be coming in for a landing with its wings spread out, its legs forward, and its tail turned in. The painted sculpture is mounted on a rectangular concrete base with stone facing. -- Smithsonian National Inventory

logger and eagle.jpg
Standing chain saw carved figure of a logger holding an eagle on an axe above his head with his proper right hand. The logger is dressed in a shirt, pants with suspenders and a hat. -- Smithsonian National Inventory*421/1bigfish0508.jpg
A building in the form of a fish, formerly used as a drive-in and hamburger stand. The structure is wooden (ash), covered with painted tarpaper. The fish's mouth is open wide, lined with wooden teeth, with the entrance door within the mouth. The…

Fountain sculpture consists of a light brown and white leaping buck on a pedestal of rocks in a round basin. A yellow star stands on the buck's antlers. Water spouts from a roughly octagonal pipe around the base. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A white-tailed stag with long antlers leaps over a log. The sculpture is bolted to the foundation. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
An obelisk with an etching of a flying bald eagle on front, flanked by two side panels with six military insignia. On the back of the obelisk is an etching of a soldier's helmet balanced on the butt of a rifle, the barrel of which is stuck in the…{E450F0EB-46E1-41C0-879F-FE3E150AA5E1}/uploads/{C6B1B001-5D8B-4E85-8712-8E32EFB0B45B}.JPG
A coot running, preparing to take flight. The sculpture is painted black and is mounted on a two-tiered base and supported by steel bars. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
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