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A beautifully-colored horse stands in a field of flowers, eyes locked with the viewer.*421/1bigfish0508.jpg
A building in the form of a fish, formerly used as a drive-in and hamburger stand. The structure is wooden (ash), covered with painted tarpaper. The fish's mouth is open wide, lined with wooden teeth, with the entrance door within the mouth. Theā€¦
A large turkey stands with its wings by its side and its tail feathers raised and fanned. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A black duck appears to be coming in for a landing with its wings spread out, its legs forward, and its tail turned in. The painted sculpture is mounted on a rectangular concrete base with stone facing. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
Ellen Jean Diederich painted this pastoral scene of brown and black cows strolling through a field of golden wheat on a cloudy day. Its title, Black Gold, references the rich farming history of the state of North Dakota. -- Plains Art Museum
Birds stand atop a rocky landscape.
A male prairie chicken with its head bent in a mating dance. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A green-shirted jockey races on a wily, rearing horse.
A cowboy rides a wild, rowdy horse. The movement is tangible in the painting.
Steel rod sculpture of open design of a Canada Goose. The goose, which moves with the wind, has wings outspread and is painted brown, black, and white. The base is painted light green. -- National Art Inventory
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