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A male lion walks with its front and rear proper right legs forward, its mouth open and teeth and red tongue visible. The lion is constructed of a fiberglass shell and is painted yellow with a brown mane, eyes, nose, and toenails, with rope in the…
A large turkey stands with its wings by its side and its tail feathers raised and fanned. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A large turkey, atop a wooden base, stands with its wings swept back and tail raised and fanned. The turkey has a blue crest, red throat, and its body is white with blue highlights. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A giant loon overlooks a lake. It is painted black and white and has red eyes. The sculpture is mounted on a rectangular base covered with aqua artificial turf. -- Smithsonian National Inventory{644DEA86-4D81-4BB0-BB47-3C529AF1EFCF}/uploads/016.JPG
Large-billed pelican stands on a square platform overlooking a dam. The platform is directly on the water. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A male prairie chicken with its head bent in a mating dance. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A large otter, standing on all four legs with its tail resting by its proper left side, overlooks a lakefront in a park. The otter is painted brown with a khaki colored underbelly, white whiskers and black eye. The otter rests on a foundation of…
Steel rod sculpture of open design of a Canada Goose. The goose, which moves with the wind, has wings outspread and is painted brown, black, and white. The base is painted light green. -- National Art Inventory{E450F0EB-46E1-41C0-879F-FE3E150AA5E1}/uploads/{C6B1B001-5D8B-4E85-8712-8E32EFB0B45B}.JPG
A coot running, preparing to take flight. The sculpture is painted black and is mounted on a two-tiered base and supported by steel bars. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
An obelisk with an etching of a flying bald eagle on front, flanked by two side panels with six military insignia. On the back of the obelisk is an etching of a soldier's helmet balanced on the butt of a rifle, the barrel of which is stuck in the…
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