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A male prairie chicken with its head bent in a mating dance. -- Smithsonian National Inventory{644DEA86-4D81-4BB0-BB47-3C529AF1EFCF}/uploads/016.JPG
Large-billed pelican stands on a square platform overlooking a dam. The platform is directly on the water. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A giant loon overlooks a lake. It is painted black and white and has red eyes. The sculpture is mounted on a rectangular base covered with aqua artificial turf. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A large turkey, atop a wooden base, stands with its wings swept back and tail raised and fanned. The turkey has a blue crest, red throat, and its body is white with blue highlights. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A large turkey stands with its wings by its side and its tail feathers raised and fanned. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
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