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Transforming natural materials into creations of beauty. The journey of a work of art takes time and perserverance for its existence. So too in our lives we cultivate perseverance. Jodi Peterson.
Each photographic illustration in my body of work is composed of the many photographs I have taken all over the Midwest, layered, and pieced together with computer software. Dennis Krull.
A beautifully-colored horse stands in a field of flowers, eyes locked with the viewer.
Gunvaldson currently lives and works in Fergus Falls, and owns his own business: Sign and Design. His primary mediums are oil and acrylic, and his inspiration comes from the natural world and people. Gunvaldson is also a muralist, and has completed a…

Eric Santwire practices photography, painting and filmmaking—all of which influence the other mediums. This image is far from sentimental; rather the landscape seems strangely ominous and filled with potential rapid action. The work captures an…
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