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A beautifully-colored horse stands in a field of flowers, eyes locked with the viewer.
A golden koi fish swims beneath bright lilypads and flowers.
A cowboy rides a wild, rowdy horse. The movement is tangible in the painting.
Linens hang from a clothesline while the breeze gently blows them toward the right.
Cadillac Mountain is in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine. The grasses here are turning colors and broken by sections of rock, with water visible beyond the hill.
A pile of rocks is held up between the two sprawling sides of a cavern. A man stands below the suspended rocks.
A landform bears an opening completely enclosed on all sides, a natural wonder. The purple light of the sky behind filters through.
From a crevasse, we look toward a carved door-opening at the end of the the cavern.
A man stands at the precipice of an abstracted and multi-colored tree-landform.
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