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Ellen Jean Diederich painted this pastoral scene of brown and black cows strolling through a field of golden wheat on a cloudy day. Its title, Black Gold, references the rich farming history of the state of North Dakota. -- Plains Art Museum
Birds stand atop a rocky landscape.
Burkhart Weiner has exhibited widely, including four solo shows at the Rourke Art Museum. She maintains two studios, one in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and another one in Portland, Oregon. Burkhart Weiner has taught at the University of Cincinnati, …
A green-shirted jockey races on a wily, rearing horse.
A cowboy rides a wild, rowdy horse. The movement is tangible in the painting.
Cadillac Mountain is in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine. The grasses here are turning colors and broken by sections of rock, with water visible beyond the hill.
Gunvaldson currently lives and works in Fergus Falls, and owns his own business: Sign and Design. His primary mediums are oil and acrylic, and his inspiration comes from the natural world and people. Gunvaldson is also a muralist, and has completed a…
A landform bears an opening completely enclosed on all sides, a natural wonder. The purple light of the sky behind filters through.
George Pfeifer studied at Minnesota State University Moorhead and at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since 1965, he has had 43 one man shows at the Rourke and numerous one man and group shows in the region. He is represented in many…
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