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A birch bark turtle's shell is ornamented with flowers and surrounded by geometrical floral background and trim.
Gunvaldson currently lives and works in Fergus Falls, and owns his own business: Sign and Design. His primary mediums are oil and acrylic, and his inspiration comes from the natural world and people. Gunvaldson is also a muralist, and has completed a…
Each photographic illustration in my body of work is composed of the many photographs I have taken all over the Midwest, layered, and pieced together with computer software. Dennis Krull.

Black background with multi-colored geometric design.
I paint simple strokes. Strokes that mature into figures that are emphasized by the intentions of chiaroscuro. Using the contrast of light and shadow to highlight the essence of its focal point, resulting in loose but believable figurative oil…
"Bradley’s projections reformulate latent Native American stereotypes with complex interconnected cognitive images reinvigorating the history of art as intersecting webs." -- Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
This sculpture is inspired by the Nordic mythological character, Loki.
The artist's work plays on social and political issues with pop culture images and motifs in bright and pure colors.
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