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The artist's work plays on social and political issues with pop culture images and motifs in bright and pure colors.
Study of form.
Gunvaldson currently lives and works in Fergus Falls, and owns his own business: Sign and Design. His primary mediums are oil and acrylic, and his inspiration comes from the natural world and people. Gunvaldson is also a muralist, and has completed a…
This work is comprised of several pop cultural, political, artistic, and social characters and motifs in bright colors that sublimate their role and acceptance.

Fountain sculpture consists of a light brown and white leaping buck on a pedestal of rocks in a round basin. A yellow star stands on the buck's antlers. Water spouts from a roughly octagonal pipe around the base. -- Smithsonian National Inventory

White flower with blue trim.

A geometric collection of squares inset within a rectangular frame.
Minnesota photography Wayne Gudmundson investigates his roots on the harsh and beautiful landscapes of Iceland.
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