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A coot running, preparing to take flight. The sculpture is painted black and is mounted on a two-tiered base and supported by steel bars. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
A male prairie chicken with its head bent in a mating dance. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
Farmers load and maneuver bales of hay for transport. Rollag Steam Threshers Reunion was the artist's inspiration.
A green-shirted jockey races on a wily, rearing horse.
A beautifully-colored and simply-rendered rooster struts.
Birds stand atop a rocky landscape.
A man stands at the precipice of an abstracted and multi-colored tree-landform.
From a crevasse, we look toward a carved door-opening at the end of the the cavern.
A landform bears an opening completely enclosed on all sides, a natural wonder. The purple light of the sky behind filters through.
A pile of rocks is held up between the two sprawling sides of a cavern. A man stands below the suspended rocks.
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