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I am most often driven to use a plasma cutter and welder to create 3-dimensional steel sculptures and mixed media sculptures. I prefer to use the inherent colors of the metal and add color by heating with a torch or by rusting it to produce a rich…
A man stands at the precipice of an abstracted and multi-colored tree-landform.
Intended as a gathering space for students, this work reflects the iconography and history of the northern Minnesota landscape. The sculptural elements suggest water (boat benches), sky (dome/mound with star drawings), and the landscape (cast bronze…

A geometric collection of squares inset within a rectangular frame.

A multi-part sculpture placed along several walls of the Administration building. One wall includes cast bronze and painted aluminum shapes, including a propellor on a pole (giving the illusion of slicing through the building); a triangular grid… spaces/publicspace9.jpg
Abstract sculpture consisting of two, four-sided, textured forms (which may represent people or gods), mounted in the center of a circular base. Inlaid lights on the top of the base illuminate the sculpture. -- Smithsonian National Inventory
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