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Lake Light, Bad Medicine Lake: We go to the lakes for many reasons – to connect with family, to escape the routine of our work-lives, to read, to enjoy water activities, the list goes on. Yet, often what we remember or take away from those trips to…

White flower with blue center on red and blue background.
George Pfeifer studied at Minnesota State University Moorhead and at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since 1965, he has had 43 one man shows at the Rourke and numerous one man and group shows in the region. He is represented in many…
Solien extends the reach of the Melville novel, transmuting its figures and themes into a meditation on American restlessness and on our historical narrative of the settling of the West. He moves the contextual framework of the novel from adventures…
A beautifully-colored and simply-rendered rooster struts.
A giant loon overlooks a lake. It is painted black and white and has red eyes. The sculpture is mounted on a rectangular base covered with aqua artificial turf. -- Smithsonian National Inventory

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